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About The Bay

With untouched native forest growing to touch the shoreline, and pristine water refreshed by cold currents that arc up from the Antarctic, Big Glory Bay couldn’t be better named.

This is where we nurture our Big Glory Bay King Salmon to maturity, on Stewart Island/Rakiura, in one of the world’s most remote aquaculture farms.

From this glorious isolation our ocean-farmed Big Glory Bay King Salmon star in the finest restaurants – and in the most discerning kitchens – across the globe.











Big Glory Bay is so remote our farmers can’t drive to work – the only access is by boat. And that’s just one reason farming our Big Glory Bay King Salmon takes total dedication.

Because of our farm’s stunning and pristine environment, it’s natural for us to hold sustainability at the core of everything we do. New Zealand has some of the world’s strictest approval processes to establish aquaculture farms, and we’re happy about that.

We believe the aquaculture industry has a critical leadership role as marine stewards, and we’re dedicated to actively protect the pure waters of Big Glory Bay.

Big Glory Bay Salmon Farm at Dawn


Salmon farming begins in Big Glory Bay, Rakiura/Stewart Island. King Salmon – also known as Chinook – were introduced to New Zealand from the Sacramento River in California in the early 1900s as a prized recreational fish.


Sanford, the fishing company that owns Big Glory Bay King Salmon, took over the existing salmon farm a decade after they were first established. Today, King Salmon are farmed only in New Zealand and in one farm in British Columbia, Canada.


Our Big Glory Bay farm earned its Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, further proof of our commitment to protecting our stunning marine environment.

2017 to 2020

Big Glory Bay King Salmon launched into premium hotels and restaurants in New Zealand, the United States and China.

2021 to 2022

Our Big Glory Bay King Salmon continues to expand around the globe and is now available in select retailers in New Zealand, the United States, China, Korea and Singapore.


In 2023, Big Glory Bay became a two-time winner at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards. And most recently, won the Food & Beverage Producer Award at the Primary Industries New Zealand Awards.
Encounter Big Glory Bay

Our King Salmon

At our salmon farm, conditions couldn’t be more perfect for raising seafood. The pure waters of Big Glory Bay are constantly refreshed by cold currents, keeping the average temperature at a chilly 14°C (57°F).

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FAQ's Of Our Salmon Farm

Is King salmon native to New Zealand waters?

No, King salmon (Chinook Salmon) is not native to New Zealand waters. It was introduced to New Zealand in the 1890s from California. However, New Zealand’s unique, pristine environment and chilled waters – especially in Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island - allow King salmon to thrive.

What conditions are ideal for King salmon to thrive?

King salmon thrive in the pristine waters of Big Glory Bay due to their requirement for clean, oxygen-rich water. Our bay’s pure waters are constantly refreshed by cold currents, keeping the temperature at a chilly 14°C! Salmon eat fish in the wild and Big Glory Bay is committed to sustainably feeding their fish a recipe that is as close as possible to their natural diet. At Big Glory Bay, we provide them with high-quality food that is sustainable and certified GMO-Free, adjusting the protein and nutrients as they grow and with the changing seasons. Plus, we keep them free from hormones and antibiotics. Our commitment to their well-being means we focus on the quality of the feed while also ensuring that the environment remains pristine.

What’s special about King salmon?

King salmon has an exceptional taste, it’s a premier fish that is rare and unusual. New Zealand produces only about 15,118 tonnes of King salmon each year – this is 75% of the world’s production. King Salmon is highly prized for its rich flavour, firm texture, and high oil content. It is known for its large size, with some individual fish reaching impressive lengths and weights. It is also sought after as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. Our Big Glory Bay salmon farm is proudly Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified, nurtured to perfection and consistently exceptional, you can taste the difference in Big Glory Bay King salmon. It’s truly a product of its pristine environment.